Norse - A friend of Thorsten and Belé. He accompanied them on many sea raids and was given the Orkneys as his kingdom, paying a yearly tribute to Belé. Sometimes known as Angantyr.
Norse - A man with whom Ottar disputed the ownership of some land. The dispute was settled by a contest to see who could recite the longest list of ancestors. Ottar, with the help of Freya and the sorceress Hyndla, won the contest. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Angantyr.
Norse - Father of Hervor. The dwarfs made the sword Tyrfing, which could fight of its own accord, and gave it to Angantyr. When he died the sword was buried with him but his daughter Hervor used magic to force him to rise from the grave and hand over the sword to her. Known as Angantyr.

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