Norse - King of the dwarfs. He was a dwarf who lived in a gemstudded palace underground and owned, in addition to a fabulous hoard of treasure, a magic ring, a magic belt that could increase his strength and a wonderful sword. In different countries he had different names. As Alberich he was said to own the red cap, Tarnkappe, which allowed him to appear in daylight without being turned to stone. As Elbegast, he gave Dietrich von Bern the marvellous sword Nagelring. Loki had killed Otter, son of Hreidmar, and demanded that Andvari should hand over his treasures to satisfy Hreidmar's craving for gold and to secure the release of Odin and Hoenir, who had been imprisoned with Loki for the murder. Andvari handed over the gold and the Helmet of Invisibility, but when Loki also snatched his magic ring, Andvarinaut, he put a curse on the treasure. In some accounts he is equated with Oberon. Some describe him as a fish or fish shaped. On occassion, referred to as Andvari, Aelf-Ric, Aelf-Ric, Alberich, Alberich, Aelfrich, Aelfrich, Alberich, Alberich, Alberich, Alferich, Alfrik, Alpris, Elberic, European Oberon, Norse Andvari, Alfreiker, Alfreiker, Andvare, Andvare, Elbegast, Elbegast, Elberich, Elberich, Gondemar, Gondemar, Laurus, Laurus, Laurin, AelfRic, AelfRic, Alfrigg, Alfrigg, Alfrigga, German Alberich, German Alberich or Oberon.

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