Mesopotamian - A Canaanite goddess of the heavens, fertility, mountains, springs and war. Daughter of El and Asherah. Sister and wife of Baal or Anu. Wife of Reshef, in some accounts. Mother of Baal, in some accounts. She offered Aqhat immortality for his marvellous bow and when he rejected the offer she had him killed by Yatpan. As a result darkness ruled the earth, and plants and animals started to die. With the help of El, Anat rescued Aqhat from the underworld and restored the bow to its rightful owner, whereupon things returned to normal. As Athirat, wife of El, she is said by some to have slain the demon Lotan. When Baal died she went to the underworld to plead for his release. Mot refused so she killed him and ground him under a millstone. She is often depicted with a lance and a shield, and in some accounts is equated with Atargartis or Allat. In Egypt she was regarded as the daughter of Ra. Also commonly known as Anat, Allat, Allat, Alilat, Bethel, Anahit, Anahit, Arusyak, Canaanite Anaitis, Greek Aphrodite, Persian Anahita, Astlik, Anahita, Anahita, Ana-hid, Ana-hita, Immaculate, The, Meter Anahita, The Immaculate, Armenian Anahit, Athena, Core, Anaitis, Anaitis, Great Mother, Anata, Anata, Antu, Anath, Anath, Anta, Anta, Anaitis, Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Anadyomene, Cyprian, Cytherea, Daeira, Dove Goddess, Epitragia, Idalia, Ambologera, Androphonos, Anosia, Apostrophia, Ar(e)ia, Argynnis, Cypris, Dione, Epitymbidia, Kallipyges, Kypris, Morpho, Myrtea, Myrto(essa), Pandemos, Pasaphaessa, Peitho, Queen of Love, Tymborychos, Urania, Arab Alilat, Babylonian Ishtar, Mylitta, Italic Aprodita, PhoenicianAstarte, Phrygian Cybele, Roman Venus, Scythian Argimpasa, Sumerian Inanna, Ashtareth, Ashtareth, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Astarte, Athtarat, Athtarat, Athtart, Athtart, Attart, Attart, Hanatu, Hanatu, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Heaven, Arinna, Astarte, Edjo, Hebat, Hera, Holy Mother, Hsi Wang Mu, Inanna, Isis, Juno, Marishiten, Matron of the Measure, Tara, T'ien Hou, Vajravarahi, Juno, Syria Dea, Syria Dea, Syrian Goddess, Anthat, Anthat, Anthrathi, Antit, Ashtoroth, Ashtoroth, Astarat, Astarat, Astarte, Athirat, Athirat, Astarte, Asherah, Athtar(a)t, Athtar(a)t, Astarte, Yabamat Liimmim, Yabamat Liimmim, Mother of Nations, Egyptian, Egyptian, Phoenician Antaeus, Phoenician Antaeus, Anthyt, Anthyt, Baalat, Baalat, Baalath, Baalti, Belet, Belti or Egyptian Baelthi.

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