Greek - King of Tiryns. Son of Alcaeus and Astydamia, Hippomene or Lysidice. Husband of Alcmene. Father of Iphicles. He inadvertently killed his father-inlaw Electryon when a club he had thrown rebounded off the horn of a cow and struck him. He fled to Thebes where he was purified by Creon for whom he undertook to rid the kingdom of the Cadmeian Vixen. He used the marvellous dog Laelaps, owned by Cephalus, but both dog and vixen were turned into stone by Zeus. He led an army to the land of the Taphians to exact revenge for the killing of Electryon's sons. Comaetho, daughter of the king, Pterelaus, cut off the single golden hair on her father's head so that he became vulnerable and died. Amphitryon rejected her love and killed her, giving the kingdom to Cephalus and Helius, who had helped him. While he was away, Zeus (in the guise of her husband) slept with Alcmene to beget Heracles who was born at the same time as Iphicles, natural son of Amphitryon and Alcmene. He was killed in a battle between the Thebans and the Minyans. Also commonly called Amphitryon, Amphitrion, Amphitrion, Amphitruo or Amphitruo.

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