Greek - A prophet. Son of Oicles and Hypermnestra. Husband of Eriphyle. Father of Alcmaeon, Amphilochus and Demonassa. He was one of the Seven against Thebes, a member of the party that hunted down the Calydonian boar and an Argonaut. He was reluctant to join the Seven Against Thebes but was persuaded by his wife who had been bribed by Polyneices with the fabulous necklace of Harmonia. In the battle at Thebes, Melanippus and Tydeus had each dealt each other a mortal blow. Amphiaraus decapitated the dying (or dead) Melanippus and gave the head to Tydeus who split it open and ate the brains before dying himself. After the battle with the Thebans, where he had faced Lasthenes at the Homoloid Gate, he was saved from death only by the intervention of Zeus who opened up a chasm beneath his fleeing chariot, so sending him straight to Tartarus where he ruled among the dead. A sanctuary with an oracle, the Amphiareion, was built on this spot. He had earlier told his sons to kill their mother, who had persuaded him to join the Seven, if he failed to return. In some accounts, he is regarded as a god. Identified as Amphiaraus.

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