European - A Danish hero. Son of Horvendil and Gerutha. When Feng killed his brother Horvendil and married his widow Gerutha, Amleth pretended to go mad. Feng sent him to the British king with a message to kill Amleth but he changed the message and two of Feng's minions were killed instead. Amleth married the king's daughter and later killed Feng and took the throne that his uncle had usurped. When later he returned to Britain, the king sent him to Scotland with a letter asking the queen, Hermutrude, to have Amleth killed but again Amleth altered the words with the result that the queen became his second wife. He later defeated the British king in a battle in which he propped up dead soldiers to convince the enemy that he had a huge army and then, taking both his wives, retired to Denmark where he was killed in battle. Occasionally identified as Amleth, Hamlet, Hamlet, Icelandic Amlode or Icelandic Amlode.

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