Buddhist - An Indian bodhisattva, 'god of infinite light'. The first (or fourth) of the 5 Dhyanibuddhas. Consort of Pandara. He generated Avalokitshevara from a ray of light issuing from his right eye. He was the ruler of the Western Pure Land, Sukhavati, and revered in Pure Land Buddhism, in which he is equated with the Japanese Shakyamuni. Sometimes referred to as Amitabha, Amita, Amita, Amitayas, Amitayas, Amida, Amitayus, Buddha, Buddha of Infinite Light, Infinite Life, Muryoju, 'infinite light', Persian Zurvan, Tibetan Tshe-dpag-med, Tshe-pa-me, Dharmakari, Great Vehicle, Great Vehicle, Amita(yas), Amita(yas), Bhrkuti-Tara, Bhrkuti-Tara, Tara, Dharmadatuvagisvara, Dharmadatuvagisvara, Great Vehicle Mahabala, Great Vehicle Mahabala, Mahasitavati, Mahasitavati, Vac(h), Vac(h), Manjushri, Sarasvati, Vajradharma, Vajradharma, Vajratara, Vajratara, Bhrkuti Tara, Tara, Vak, Vak, Gangrad, Odin, Sarasvati, Vach, Vach, Chinese Ami-t'o-fo, Chinese Ami-t'o-fo, O-mi-t'o-fo, O-mi-t'o-fo, A-mi-t'o-fo, etc (see A-mi-t'ofo), etc (see A-mi-t'ofo), Hindu Shiva, Hindu Shiva, Mahatala, Japanese Amida, Japanese Amida, Shiva, Tibetan O Pamé, Tibetan O Pamé, Od-dpag-med, Od-dpag-med, O Pamé, Pu Tai Ho-shang, Pu Tai Ho-shang, Calico Bag Monk or Calico Bag Zen Master.

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