British - Son of Frimutel. Son of Titurel, in some accounts. Brother of Herzeloyde, Josiane, Repanse and Trevrezent. In the Wagnerian story, he took over the guardianship of the Holy Grail when his father became too weak. Relying on the power of the Sacred Spear, he set out to destroy Klingsor, the evil magician who had built a garden of delight to seduce those knights seeking admission to the Temple of the Grail, but he himself was seduced into losing the spear to Klingsor who wounded him in the side with it. Nothing would heal this wound but the touch of this spear and he suffered great pain for many years until Parsifal regained the spear and cured him. An alternative version says that, forgetting his vows of purity, he looked lustfully on a maiden, whereupon the Holy Spear wounded him of its own accord. Other accounts say that he sustained a wound in the scrotum in a jousting match. He appears as Peredur's uncle in the Castle of Wonders and shows him the Grail and the Holy Lance. In some accounts, identified as Amfortas, Fisher King, Fisher King, Fisherman King, King PÍcheur, Le Roi Mehaigne, Le Roi PÍcheur, Maimed King, The, Parlan, Pelham, Pellam, Pelles, Rich Fisher, Roi Mehaigne, Le, Wounded King, Grail Keeper, Grail King, Le Roi PÍcheur Maimed King, SinnerKing, Alan, Anfortas, Anfortas, The Fisher King, The Fisher King, The Sinner King or The Sinner King.

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