Amesha Spentas

Persian - 7 aspects of Ahura Mazda. Seven abstract qualities, known as the Heptad, they were personified as children of the god protecting mankind from evil and were listed as Ameretat, Armaiti, Asha Vahista, Haurvatat, Kshathra Varya, Spenta Mainya and Vohu Manah. In some accounts, there are only six (Spenta Mainya being omitted) while other lists include Atar, Gosurvan or Sraosha to make lists of up to nine. In some lore, occasionally known as Amesha Spentas, Amesho Spend, Amesho Spend, Amshaspands, Amshaspands, Heptad, Heptad, Immortal Holy Ones or Immortal Holy Ones.

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