General - This fossil resin features in many cultures. (1) In the Baltic it is used as a cure for pains in joints. (2) In China amber is regarded as the mineralised form of the soul of the tiger. (3) Inuit wear amber to bring good luck in hunting. (4) Some European cultures have used amber as a cure for illnesses. (5) The Greek story of Phaeton says that the tears of his sisters, grieving at his death, turned into amber beads. A similar story is told of the sisters of Meleager. (6) In Italy, it is regarded as protecting the wearer from witchcraft. (7) Muslims use amber beads in bracelets, etc. as an alleged cure for jaundice. (8) The Norse myths say that when Odin left Freya for his sojourn on earth, she wept and her tears turned to amber. (9) In Tibet amber is used to bring good luck to hunters and fishermen. (10) The Turks use amber for the mouthpiece of a pipe in the belief that it can prevent the spread of infection when the pipe is passed from one to another. Occasionally referred to as amber.

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