Spanish - Son of Ferdinand. Brother of Elvira, Garcia, Sancho and Urraca. On his father's death he was given the city of Leon. When his brother Garcia seized Zamora, which had been left to their sister Urraca, he helped Garcia in the battle that ensued when Sancho sent an army under El Cid to help Urraca. He was captured in the battle but survived. He joined a monastery but later went off to join forces with the Moors under Alimaymon at Toledo. When his brother Sancho was killed during the siege of Zamora, he was made king and, angry at being forced to state on oath that he was not involved in the death of Sancho at the hand of Dolfos, he dismissed El Cid from his service. He later recalled El Cid and restored him to favour when he had a number of successes in fighting the Moors. Later they quarrelled again and El Cid left the siege of Toledo, which Alfonso was attempting to capture, and attacked Castile, but, when the Moors broke out of Toledo, Alfonso hastily recalled El Cid who soon captured the city for him. Also known as Alfonso, Don Alfonso or Don Alfonso.

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