Greek - Daughter of Electryon and Anaxo. Wife of Amphitryon. Mother of Heracles by Zeus. Mother of Iphicles by Amphitryon. She was seduced by Zeus in the guise of her husband who was away fighting the Teleboans and Taphians who had killed Alcmene's eight brothers. When Heracles was born she abandoned him in a field, fearing the jealous Hera. On the death of Amphitryon, she married Rhadamanthus; in some accounts this marriage took place in Tartarus after her death, when she was carried to the Elysian Fields by Hermes on the instructions of Zeus. Also referred to as Alcmene, Alcumena, Alcumena, Alkmene, Alkmene, A lc(u)mena or A lc(u)mena.

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