Greek - Son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle. One of the Epigoni. Brother of Amphilochus. Husband of Arsinoe and later Callirhoe. Father of Arcanan and Amphoterus. By Callirhoe. His mother, bribed by Polyneices with the gift of Harmonia's fabulous necklace, persuaded his father to join the Seven against Thebes, and Amphiaraus ordered his two sons to kill her if he failed to return. He fought with the victorious Epigoni at Thebes only because he was persuaded by his mother who had again been bribed, this time by Thersander who gave her Harmonia's wedding veil. He killed his own mother and was driven mad by the Furies. He was purified by King Phegeus and married Arsinoe, or Alphesiboea, the king's daughter, abandoning her when still pursued by the Furies. He married Calirrhoe but was killed by Phegeus and his sons when they discovered his treachery. In some accounts he married Manto and they had two children. Also known as Alcmaeon, Alcmeon, Alcmeon, Alkmaeon, Alkmaeon, Alkmaion or Alkmaion.

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