European - A sea nymph, a sorceress. Sister of Morgana and Logestilla. She and her sister, Morgana, had deprived their other sister, Logestilla, of most of her kingdom. She took mortals as lovers and then changed them into objects such as rocks, trees, etc. She treated Astolpho in this manner and turned him into a myrtle tree. When Rogero found Astolpho in this predicament he set out to find Alcina and destroy her power. She trapped Rogero but Melissa arrived on the scene in the shape of Atlantes and caused Rogero to see how he had been ensnared. He broke the bonds and left, riding the horse Rabican, while Melissa freed Astolpho and the others who had been held in thrall by the enchantress. In some references, known as Alcina, Arcile, Arcile, Arsile, Fata Alcina or Fata Alcina.

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