Australian - The period when the ancestors of the Aborigines rose out of the ground to shape the earth and make mankind by singing. When they had finished their work they returned to their sleep under the earth. Alchera is the term generally in use in central Australia; further north in Arnhem Land the tribes refer to this period as Bamum and to their ancestors of that period as Wongar; to the West and South, the usual name for the Dreamtime is tjukui. Referred to as alchera, alcheringa, alcheringa, altjiranga, altjiranga, Bamum, Bamum, Dreaming, The, Dreaming, The, Alchera, Dreamtime, Dreamtime, Eternal Dreamtime, Eternal Dreamtime, tjukui, tjukui, (Eternal) Dreamtime, (Eternal) Dreamtime, The Dreaming or The Dreaming.

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