Greek - A warrior hero. King of Salamis. Son of Telamon and Periboea. Half brother of Teucer. Father of Eurysaces by Tecmessa. In some accounts his mother was Hesione, in others Telamon's second wife, Periboea. During the Trojan war, he attacked Teuthrania, killed the king, Teuthras, and seized his daughter Tecmessa. He also killed Glaucus in battle. When Achilles was killed at Troy the chieftains had to decide whether Ajax or Odysseus should have the wonderful arms made for Achilles by Hephaestus. When the choice fell on Odysseus, Ajax decided to kill both Agamemnon and Menelaus since they had, he thought, swayed the decision against him, but Athena intervened to strike him with temporary madness, causing him to kill the Greek flocks, thinking they were soldiers. When he came to his senses and realised what he had done he killed himself with his own sword, one given to him by Hector when they fought an inconclusive duel. It was said that the hyacinth sprang up where his blood stained the ground . In other versions Odysseus killed Ajax or Paris killed him with an arrow or the Trojans captured him and buried him alive. At times, identified as Ajax, Aias, Aias, Ajax or Ajax.
Greek - Son of Oileus. Brother of Medon. At the fall of Troy he raped Cassandra who had taken refuge in the temple of Athena. For this sacrilege the gods caused a storm to disperse the homeward-bound Greek fleet and he was drowned. Others say he was killed by a thunderbolt hurled by Poseidon when Ajax boasted that he would escape the sea despite the gods. Also called Ajax, Aias, Aias, Ajax or Ajax.
Greek - A play by Sophocles. Also commonly known as Ajax, Aias, Aias, Ajax or Ajax.

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