African - An ancestral hero of the Dinka. His mother impregnated herself with the waters of the Nile when her husband died, so producing Aiwel who was born with a full set of teeth. When his mother died as a result of betraying a secret, Aiwel returned to the river, emerging when he reached maturity, bringing with him a multicoloured ox, Longar. His people laughed when he promised to lead them to a better land where there was no death so he set off alone and killed those who tried to follow him across a river. Agothyathik avoided his spear and defeated him. Aiwel then issued spears to the survivors, founding the Spear Masters, hereditary priests. His alternative name is taken from his ox. In some accounts, referred to as Aiwel, (Aiwel) Longar, (Aiwel) Longar, Longar, Longar or (Longar) Aiwel.

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