Irish - A poet and satirist. Son of Fer Chedne. He spoke verse, while still in the womb, breaking open all the barrels at a feast. As a man he was noted for his meanness and he took the remaining eye of Eochaid mac Luchta as a gift and refused food to starving warriors. On another occasion, he demanded the wife of Mesgora mac Da Tho and when this request was refused he persuaded Conor mac Nessa to make war on Leinster, a war in which Mac Da Tho was killed He was killed when his house was fired by Ulstermen angered by his treatment of Luaine which had caused her death. Also commonly called Aithirne, Ailgheasach, Ailgheasach, Aitherne, Aitherne, Amhnach, Amhnach, Amnach, Amnach, Athairne, Athairne, Dibtheach, Dibtheach, Am(h)nach, Am(h)nach, Dibheach or Dibheach.

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