Ailill Olom

Irish - A king of Munster. Husband of Saba. Son, or some say, father of Eoghan Mor. Brother of Lugaid Lagha. He was said to have raped the goddess Aine who pulled off his ears in revenge or, in some accounts, killed him. He defeated Lugaid mac Con but was himself defeated when Lugaid returned from Scotland with a large army, won the Battle of Mucramha and took the throne. In using his poisoned spear to straighten a tooth, the tooth itself became infected with the poison and he passed the infection on to Lugaid by kissing him when his former foe came to renew an earlier friendship. Also commonly called Ailill Olom, Ailill Alom, Ailill Alom, Ailill Aulom, Ailill Aulom, Aulom, Aulom, Moshaulom, Moshaulom, Oilill, Oilill, Ailell Aulom or Ailell Aulom.

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