Ailill Fionn

Irish - A sub-king. Husband of Fliodhas. His wife fell in love with Fergus mac Roth and they planned the death of Ailill. Fergus attacked his rival's castle, killed Ailill and took Fliodhas as his own wife. In other accounts Ailill is referred to as Donal Dualbhui and Fliodhas becomes Muinchinn, but others say that Donal was Ailill's father. In some accounts, called Ailill Fionn, Ailell, Ailell, Ailill, Ailill, Ailill Aine, Ailill Dubh-dedach, Ailill Flann Beag, Ailill Ionbhanna, Ailill mac Dunlaing, Ailill Molt, Ailill of Aran or Ailill.

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