Irish - A warrior maid. Daughter of Ard-Greimne. Sister of Skatha. Mother of Connla by Cuchulainn. She was defeated in single combat by Cuchulainn during his training under Skatha. He carried her off to Skatha's camp, forcing the two to make peace, and she became his lover. Alternative versions say it was Uathach, daughter of Skatha, who became Cuchulainn's mistress. Whichever it was, she became the mother of Cuchulainn's son, Connla, on whom she laid a geis to tell nobody his name. In some versions, Aifa was Skatha's daughter. At times, referred to as Aifa, Aoife, Aoife, Princess Aiofe, Princess Aiofe, (Princess) Aoife or (Princess) Aoife.

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