Ahura Mazda

General - God of light and creator-god. The Zoroastrian good principle. Father of Atar, Dena, Haoma, Mithra and Zoroaster. In some accounts he and Ahriman are the twin sons of Zurvan. He created a bull which, when it escaped from its cave, was found and killed by Mithras, the blood spots forming living beings where they touched the earth. He sent his son Atar to chain the dragon Azhi Dahaka to a mountain to stop his persecution of mankind. He is depicted as a venerable, bearded figure, usually inside a circle, holding a ring and with one hand held up in blessing. Sometimes he is shown enveloped in flames and wearing a mantle of the sky. Occasionally identified as Ahura Mazda, Auharmazd, Auharmazd, Auramazda, Auramazda, Hormazd, Hormazd, Hormazu, Hormazu, Horomazd, Horomazd, Living God, Living God, Mazda, Mazda, Mazdah Ahura, Mazdah Ahura, Ohrmazd, Ohrmazd, Ohrmuzd, Ohrmuzd, Ormazd, Ormazd, Ormuzd, Ormuzd, Wise Lord, Wise Lord, Persian, Persian, Guzhak, Ahura Mazdah, Ahura Mazdah, Armaiti, Armaiti, Aramaita, Asfandarmad, Isfandarmud, Spandaramet, Spantaramet, Spendarmad, Spendarmat, Spentaramet, Spenta Armaiti, 'holy devotion', Spandar(a)mat, Aurharmazd, Aurharmazd, Harvatat, Harvatat, Hor(o)mazd, Hor(o)mazd, Kshathra, Kshathra, 'Living God', 'Living God', O(h)rmazd, O(h)rmazd, O(h)rmuzd, O(h)rmuzd, Spenta Mainya, Spenta Mainya, Menog, Spenag Menog, Spenta Mainyu, (Spenag) Menog, Sraosha, Sraosha, Craosa, Sosioch, Shraoscha, Surush, Sosiosch, Sraoscha, Muslim Jibril, Vohu Manah, Vohu Manah, Bahman, Vahman, Bahman, 'good thought', Armenian Aramazd, Armenian Aramazd, Assyrian Assara Mazas, Assyrian Assara Mazas, Rudra, Georgian Armaz, Georgian Armaz, Aramazd, Greek Oromasdes, Greek Oromasdes, Zeus, Zeus, Aether, Aktaios, Basileus, Dios, Dyaus, Ether, King of Men, Lord of the Sky, Lykaios, Maimaktes, Meilichios, Olympios, Polieus, Zio, Aether, Agoraios, Alastor, Apomyios, Boracus, Boulaios, Cloud-Gatherer, Dictaeus, Eleutherios, Ephestios, Ether, Gamelios, Herkeios, Horios, Kataibates, Keraunos, Khesios, Lord of the Sky, Marnos, Me(i)lichios, Nephelegeretes, Nicophoros, Ombrios, Panomphaean, Pater, Phratrios, Pilar, Pistios, PolieusSabazios, Sabazius, Soter, Talaios, Tele(i)os, Thunderer, Tritos, Xenios, Zagreus, Zan, Egyptian Amon, Etruscan Tinia, Hindu Dyaus, Lycian Cragus, Persian Ahura Mazda, Roman Diu-pater, Jupiter, Q're, Tyndareus, Hindu Rudra, Hindu Rudra, Assara Mazas, Dionysus, Varuna, Varuna, Lord of the Ocean, Anjana, Jalapati, Kesa, Pashabhrit, Pasi, Prasetas, Samraj, Variloma, Yadahpati, Yadhapati, Balinese Waruna, Greek Poseidon or Japanese Ryujin.

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