Persian - The Zoroastrian evil principle. God of darkness. In some accounts he and Ahura Mazda are the twin sons of Zurvan. He was envisaged as a black toad and was constantly in opposition to Ahura Mazda, creating ashes where Ahura Mazda had made fire, poison where Ahura Mazda had created a cure, and so on. He is said to have sunk a shaft to the centre of the earth and there created a hell. This diety killed the primaeval ox and introduced disease and all the other ills of mankind and, in some stories, sent a flood. He incorporates Angra Mainya and will be defeated at the final battle and confined eternally to hell. Also known as Ahriman, Ahrimanes, Ahrimanes, Angra Mainya, Angra Mainya, Angra Mainyu, Angru Mainyu, Anra Mainyu, Angra Main(y)u, Angro Mainyus, Drauga, Druj, Arch-demon, Arch-demon, Dregnvant, Dregnvant, Evil One, The, Evil One, The, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Darkness, Satan, Prince of Lies, Prince of Lies, Pytho, Adversary, Adversary, A(h)rimanes, A(h)rimanes, Dregvant, Dregvant, The Evil One, The Evil One, Greek Areimanos, Greek Areimanos, Arimanes, Arimanes, Areimanios, Areimanious, Roman Arimanius, Roman Arimanius, Tash or Tash.

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