European - King of Africa. Brother of Galaciella. His father had been killed in battle with Charlemagne and he planned an invasion of France to exact revenge. The king of the Garamantes, on his death bed, advised that the venture would succeed only with the help of the knight, Rogero, and he could be freed from the clutches of his foster father, the magician Atlantes, only with the magic ring of Angelica. During his battles in France, he heard that his capital, Biserta, was besieged by Abyssinians led by Astolpho and he withdrew his forces. On the return voyage he met Gradasso, who had left France earlier to return to his own country and he offered to help Agramant. The two of them, with Sobrino, challenged Florismart, Oliver and Roland to fight to settle their differences. Agramant was killed in this fight. Occasionally referred to as Agramant, Angulandus or Angulandus.

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