Norse - Son of King Hrauding. Brother of Geirrod. Foster son of Frigga. He and his brother were cast ashore on an island and were given shelter by Odin who was living there disguised as an old man. When they finally returned home, Geirrod abandoned his brother to the sea in their small boat. Later, Geirrod succeeded to the throne, and when Odin visited his court in disguise to test his hospitality, he had the god tied to a stake between two fires. During the eight days of this ordeal Odin received no food or drink except a draught of ale brought to him by Agnar. When Odin revealed himself as a god, Geirrod tripped over and impaled himself on his sword and Agnar was elevated to the throne by the grateful Odin. Also identified as Agnar.
Norse - Son of Ragnar Lodbrok and Thora. Brother of Erik. Also commonly called Agnar.

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