ages of man

General - Periods in the life of the individual. The Maya envisaged the ages of man as twenty in parallel with the twenty days of creation and their twenty-day month. (1) Imix, start of life's journey (2) Ik, spirit given to the embryo (3) Akbal, birth (4) Kan, realization of evil (5) Chicchan, collection of life's experiences (6) Cimi, death (7) Man-Ik, entry to the afterlife (8) Lamat, descent to the nether regions (9) Muluc, judgement (10) Oc, conversion to base matter (11) Cheun, burning (12) Eb, start of ascent (13) Ben, continuation of ascent (14) Ix, absolution of sins (15) Men, perfection achieved (16) Cib, enlightenment achieved (17) C'haban, removal of all traces of burning (18) Edznab, confirmation of perfection (19) Cauac, divine nature achieved (20) Ahau, entry to heaven Hindu The ideal life of the Brahmin involves four stages (ashrama). (1) brahmacarya, the stage of a student studying under a guru. (2) garhasthya, the period of married life during which one raises a family. (3) vanaprasthya, when one retreats to the forest as a hermit, leaving the eldest son in charge of the family. (4) sannyasa, the stage of detachment from the pains and pleasures of this world, when the Brahmin becomes a mendicant teacher until, finally, he is absorbed into the divine spirit. In some accounts, identified as ages of man.

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