Greek - King of Phoenicia. Son of Poseidon by Libya. Twin brother of Belus. Brother of Iasius, Lelex and Pelasgus. Husband of Telephassa. Father of Cadmus, Cilix, Europa, Phineus, Phoenix and Thasus. Father of Aegyptus and Danaus, some say. He sent his sons to search for Europa when she was abducted by Zeus. He later invaded Greece and became king of Argos. Also referred to as Agenor.
General - A Trojan. Son of Antenor and Theano. He challenged Achilles at Troy and was saved by Apollo but was later killed by Neoptolemus. At times, identified as Agenor.
Greek - King of Pleuron. Father of Thestius by Epicaste, some say. Occasionally identified as Agenor.

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