Phrygian - A hermaphrodite deity. Offspring of Papas or of Cybele raped. By Zeus. In some versions, Agdistis is Cybele who interrupted the wedding of Attis, with whom he/she was in love, causing the bride to die of self-inflicted wounds and Attis to castrate himself. In other versions, Agdistis is the father of Attis. The god Dionysus made him drunk and tied his genitals to a tree so that when he jumped up he castrated himself. An almond tree grew from the spot where his blood fell on the earth. When Nana, daughter of Sangarios, picked some of the fruit and dropped it in her lap she found herself pregnant and her baby was Attis. Occasionally identified as Agdistis, Cybele, Cybele, Cybebe, Cybelle, Idaea, Kubele, Kybebe, Kybele, Lion-and-bee Goddess, Maia, Great Mother, Meter Dindymene, White Goddess, Gaulish Berecynthia, Greek Demeter, Idaea, Idaean Mother, Rhea, Roman Bona Dea, Ceres, Magna Mater, Maia, Mater Turrita, Ops, Sumerian Inanna or Syrian Kubaba.

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