Hindu - A sage, one of the writers of the Vedas. Son of both Mithra (or Surya) and Varuna. Husband of Lopamudra. He is regarded as the ruler of the star Canopus, and was born from semen of the two gods, produced as they watched Urvashi dancing. He once drank all the water in the seas to expose the demons, the Dityas, who were conspiring against the gods. His other famous feat was to stop the growth of the mountain Vindya which, in trying to become higher than Mount Meru, threatened to block out the light of the sun. The sage merely asked Vindya to pause in its growth until he came back - which he never did. Also called Agastya, Agasti, Agasti, Kalasi-sutra, Kalasi-sutra, Tamil Akattiyar or Tamil Akattiyar.

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