Greek - King of Colchis. Son of Helius and Perseis. Brother of Circe, Pasiphae and Perses. Husband of Asterodea and later Idyia. Father of Chalciope by Asterodea. Father of Apsyrtus and Medea by Idyia. When Phrixus was forced to flee from Iolcus to escape death on the altar he was carried off on a golden-fleeced ram. He was finally given shelter by King Aetes and, when Phrixus sacrified the ram to the gods, he gave the golden fleece to the king who hung it on a tree guarded by a dragon. He was still ruling in Colchis when Jason came to demand the golden fleece be returned to Iolcus. In some accounts he killed Phrixus. He was deposed by his brother, Perses, but later restored to the throne by Medea. Sometimes referred to as Aetes, Acetes, Acetes, Aeetes, Aeetes, Aietes or Aietes.

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