Greek - A Trojan hero. Son of Anchises and Aphrodite. Husband of Creusa. Father of Ascanius. He was said to have been raised by the nymphs of Mount Ida and, in some accounts, was regarded as an ancestor of King Arthur. At the siege of Troy he was wounded by Diomedes, but Apollo carried him off to safety at Pergamos where his wounds were treated by Artemis. When the city fell, his mother Aphrodite ensured his safety and he was able to escape with his father Anchises and his young son Ascanius but not his wife, who became separated from the others and died. Another version says that he betrayed Troy to the Greeks and was rewarded by being given safe conduct when the city fell; another version that he was captured by Neoptolemus. After many adventures he settled in Italy and married Lavinia, daughter of the king of the Latins, so founding the Roman race. In some accounts, he had a daughter, Rhome, who murdered Latinus and bore Romulus and Remus. On his death, in a later battle with the Rutilians, he became one of the gods with the title Indiges. Identified as Aeneas, Aeneus, Aeneus, Aineius, Aineius, Indiges, Indiges, Aeneid or Aeneid.

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