Greek - Son of Thyestes and Pelopia. Father of Aletes by Clytemnestra. Thyestes raped his own daughter Pelopia, and the product of this union was the boy Aegisthus. Pelopia abandoned the boy on a mountain where he was found by shepherds and suckled by a goat. She later married Atreus, the brother of Thyestes, who recovered Aegisthus and raised him, not realising he was the son of his own brother. When the boy was seven, Atreus told him to kill Thyestes whom he had imprisoned but Thyestes recognised his son and reversed the situation by ordering Aegisthus to kill Atreus. This was done and Thyestes took over the throne of Mycenae, which he held before being banished by Atreus. He further avenged himself by seducing Clytemnestra who had become the wife of Atreus' son, Agamemnon. Together they killed Agamemnon when he returned from Troy, with Cassandra and the twins she had borne to Agamemnon. With Clytemnestra, he ruled Mycenae for seven years and they had three children, Aletes, Erigone and Helen. Orestes, the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, avenged his father's death by killing not only Aegisthus but also Cytemnestra and the girl Helen. Referred to as Aegisthus, Aigisthus or Aigisthus.

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