Greek - Daughter of Adrastus and Amphithea. Sister of Aegialeus, Argia, Cyanippus and Deipyla. Wife of Diomedes. She was unfaithful to Diomedes when he was fighting with the Greeks at Troy, and had an affair with Cometes. The lovers planned to kill Diomedes so he left her and went to Italy. In some lore, occasionally known as Aegialeia, Adrastine, Adrastine, Aegealea, Aegealea, Aegealia, Aegealia, Aegiale, Aegiale, Aegialea, Aegialea, Aegialia, Aegialia, Aegile, Aegile, Aigealeia, Aigealeia, Aegeal(e)ia, Aegeal(e)ia, Aegi(a)le or Aegi(a)le.

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