Greek - King of Athens. Son of Pandion and Pylia. Son of Scyrius, some say. Brother of Lycus, Nisus and Pallas. Father of Theseus by Aethra. His father had been driven from the throne of Athens by the sons of Metion, but Aegeus, with the help of his brothers, regained the kingdom. He seduced, or some say married, Aethra of Troezen and went off to Athens, where he expelled Lycus, leaving his sword and sandals hidden behind a huge rock to be reclaimed by any son of their union. That son was Theseus and, in some stories, it was Poseidon who fathered the child which was accepted by Aegeus as his own. He had no children by his first wife, Melite, nor his second, Chalciope the daughter of Rhexanor, but his third wife, Medea, produced a son called Medus. He recognised Theseus as his son just in time to prevent Medea from poisoning him at a banquet. On his return from Crete after killing the Minotaur, Theseus forgot to hoist the white sail that would signal success and his father, thinking him dead, died when he fell from the Acropolis. Also commonly known as Aegeus, Aigeus or Aigeus.

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