Greek - King of Aegina. Son of Zeus by Aegina or Europa. Husband of Endeis. Father of Telamon and Peleus. In some accounts, he fathered Phocus on the Nereid, Psamathe, who was killed by Peleus and Telamon. Hera, jealous as usual of her husband's affairs with others, avenged herself on Aegina by sending a plague which decimated the population of the island kingdom. Aeacus prayed to Zeus who re-populated the island by producing the Myrmidons from a colony of ants. He helped Apollo and Poseidon build the walls of Troy. After his death he was made one of the three judges in the underworld. Sometimes identified as Aeacus, Aeacos, Aeacos, Aiakos or Aiakos.

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