Adventures of the Sons of Mugmedon

Irish - The story of the exploits of Niall and his brothers. This story, found in both the Book of Ballymote and the Yellow Book of Lecan, tells the story of Niall's encounter with the Loathly Lady. Niall and his four stepbrothers were out hunting and needed water for cooking their supper. Fergus went to a nearby well and found it guarded by an extremely ugly woman who demanded a kiss as the price of the water. Fergus and all the others except Niall refused the offer. Niall not only kissed her but slept with her and she turned back into the beautiful woman she really was - Flaitheas, the embodiment of Irish sovereignty. She decreed that Niall and his descendants should be the kings of Ireland forever. Also called Adventures of the Sons of Mugmedon.

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