European - An Indian prince. He fought on the side of the Saracens and was killed by Rinaldo. At times, called Adrastus.
Greek - King of Argos. One of the Seven against Thebes. Son of Talaus and Lysimache. Brother of Eriphyle and Hippomene. Husband of Amphithea. Father of Aegialeus, Aegialia, Argia, Cyanippus and Deipyla. He received Polyneices and Tydaeus at his court and they married his daughters, Argia and Deipyla. He led an army to restore Polyneices to the throne of Thebes but the attempt (Seven against Thebes) failed. He later led the sons of the Seven, the Epigoni, in a successful attack on the city. When his son Aegialeus (one of the Epigoni) was killed at Thebes, he died of grief. Others say that he and his son immolated themselves. On occassion, called Adrastus.
Greek - Son of Gordius. He was purified by Croesus after killing his own brother but killed Atys, son of Croesus, in a hunting accident. He killed himself in grief. On occassion, called Adrastus.
Greek - Father of Eurydice. Known as Adrastus.
Greek - Son of Merops. Brother of Amphius. His father did not want him to fight at Troy but Adrastus ignored his advice and was killed there by Diomedes. Occasionally called Adrastus.
Greek - Son of Polyneices and Argia, some say. Brother of Thersander and Timeas. In some references, referred to as Adrastus.

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