Mesopotamian - A Babylonian storm-god, a form of Marduk. Son of Anu. Son of El, some say. Husband of Salas. Husband of Anat, in some accounts. In some early accounts Adad was created from Chaos. After usurping the power of his father, Prince Sea, he challenged Mot who invited him to the underworld. There he ate the food of the dead and died. He was rescued by Anat who dragged Mot out of the underworld and chopped him up, so restoring Adad to life. He is depicted as wearing a horned headdress and wearing a robe decorated with stars, etc. He may also be shown holding thunderbolts. Occasionally called Adad, Adda, Adda, Addad, Addad, Addu, Addu, Marduk, Baal-Hadad, Baal-Hadad, Baal-Haddad, Baal-Hadhed, Baal-Rammon, 'crasher', Dadda, Dadda, Hadad, Dadu, Dadu, Adda(d), Adda(d), Isher, Isher, Ramman, Ramman, Mermer, Ragimu, Raimimu, Rimmon, Ragim, Rammanu, Egyptian Set, Hurrian Sutekh, Sumerian Ishkur, Murtaimu, Assyrian Mer, Assyrian Mer, Idurmer, Canaanite Baal, Canaanite Baal, Cronus, Set, Teshub, Baal Had(d)ad, Baal Had(d)ad, Kurgal, Kurgal, Amurru, Kur-gal, Kur-Gal, Semitic Idurmer, Semitic Idurmer, Sumerian Enlil, Sumerian Enlil, Ellil, Huban, Kumarbi, Ishkur, Ishkur, Immer, Iskur, Mer, Mir, Mur, Bir, Immes, Mer(mer), Babylonian Adad, Syrian Hadad, Syrian Hadad or Balmarcodes.

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