Greek - A king. Father of Antigone, Eurydamus and Eurytion. Peleus came to his court to be purified of the murder of Phocus and married the king's daughter Antigone. He gave part of his kingdom to Peleus as a wedding present. On occassion, identified as Actor.
Greek - One of the Argonauts. Son of Deion and Diomede. Brother of Aenetus, Asteropeia, Cephalus and Phylacus. Father of Icheles, Irus and Menoetius. At times, referred to as Actor.
Greek - Brother of Augeas. Husband of Molione. Father of Eurytus and Cteatus. In some accounts, called Actor.
Greek - A Theban warrior who fought with Parthenopaeus at the Borrhaean Gate. Identified as Actor.

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