Greek - King of Argos. Son of Abas and Aglaia. Twin brother of Proetus. Husband of Aganippe. Father of Danae. He and his brother quarrelled over the kingdom when their father died and he expelled Proetus. When Proetus returned with an army they agreed to share, Proetus taking Tiryns. Warned that he would be killed by a son his daughter would bear, Acrisius shut Danae in a cell made of bronze. This did not solve the problem: Zeus came to her as a shower of gold and she became the mother of Perseus. He cast Danae and her baby adrift in a cask but they survived and Perseus did eventually kill Acrisius when his discus accidentally struck his grandfather. In some accounts his wife is referred to as Eurydice. Also identified as Acrisius, Arcisius, Arcisius, Acrisius or Arceisius.

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