Irish - Daughter of Olc Acha. Mother of Cormac mac Airt. Art slept with her when he stayed overnight at her father's house on his way to battle with Lugaid mac Con. He left his ring, robe and sword with her in trust for their son. When their baby was due she set out for the house of Fiachna Casn, where he was to be fostered, but the baby arrived en route. While she slept, the child was taken by a wolf which suckled the boy. The child was rescued by a trapper, called Luighne, and returned to his mother who put him in to fosterage with Fiachna Casn. In some versions her name is given as Etain. In some accounts, called Achtan, Eachtach, Eachtach, Etain, Etain, E(a)dain, Eadaoin, Eda(e)in, Eithne, E(o)da(o)in or Ethne.

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