Accolan of Gaul

British - A treacherous knight. Lover of Morgan le Fay. When the king executed one of Morgan's lovers, she stole the sword Excalibur and gave it Accolan, another lover. Accolan was hunting with King Arthur and Urien, Morgan's husband, when a ship on a lake came in to the shore. They boarded it and were bewitched by Morgan. Urien was transported back to his home, but Arthur, duped by Morgan, fought Accolan who was expected to kill the king. Morgan then planned to kill Urien, marry Accolan and rule as queen at his side. Instead, although he sustained severe wounds, Arthur, with the help of the magic of the Lady of the Lake, recovered Excalibur and killed Accolan. Occasionally called Accolan of Gaul, Damas, Damas, Accolon, Accolon or Accolan.

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