Greek - King of Iolcus. Son of Pelias and Anaxibia. Husband of Hippolyta or Astydamia. Father of Laodamia. He was one of the Argonauts and also took part in the hunt for the huge Calydonian boar. After the return of the Argo to Iolcus, Medea induced the daughters of Pelias to kill him. For this crime, Acastus, the new king, banished Medea and Jason. His wife Hippolyta accused Peleus, who had come to his court to be purified, of rape. Acastas abandoned his guest, unarmed, on Mount Pelion, hoping that the wild animals would kill him. Peleus was saved by Chiron and attacked Iolcus with a band of former Argonauts, killing Hippolyta and, some say, Acastus. Also known as Acastus.

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