Greek - A Cyclops. Called Acamas.
Greek - Son of Theseus and Phaedra. Brother of Demophon. Husband of Phyllis, some say. Father of Munychus by Laodice. He and his brother were with the Greeks at Troy and Acamas fell in love with Laodice, one of Priam's daughters, on whom he fathered Munychus. They were both members of the party inside the Wooden Horse and, when the city fell to the Greeks, freed Aethra who had raised the infant Munychus. He (or in some versions his brother) married Phyllis but left her saying he would return. She presented him with a box that he was enjoined not to open. He did open it and whatever was in it so frightened him that he galloped off on his horse, dying when he fell off and on to his sword. Also called Acamas.
Greek - Son of Antenor and Theano. He was the leader of the Dardanians fighting alongside the Trojans against the invading Greeks. In some lore, occasionally called Acamas.

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