Mesopotamian - An underground cavern of sweet water. A Sumerian god of these waters. Offspring of Sige. Son of Ab, some say. Consort of Tiamat. Father of An, some say. Father of all the gods. The mixing of these waters with the salt water, Tiamat, produced the early gods Lahmu and Lahamu. When Mummu, the mist over the waters, plotted with Tiamat and Abzu to overthrow theirdescendants, Abzu was either put into a long, deep sleep or killed by these gods. Some accounts distinguish between Abzu and Apsu, calling the former the primaeval void, the source of the waters and the home of Ab, using Apsu for the sweet waters themselves. Also called Abzu, Absu, Absu, Abyss, Abyss, hell, hell, Apsu, Apsu, Zigarun, Zigarun, Apason, Apason, Rishtu, Rishtu, Babylonian Apsu-Rushtu, Babylonian Apsu-Rushtu, Nun, Egyptian Nun, Egyptian Nun or Apsu-Rushtu.

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